Dirty hot water or blissful beverage of repute? 

Coffee in America has been around ever since the country’s inception and then some. In the 17th and 18th Centuries, coffee beans were a prime source of income from trade. 

Of course, we don’t necessarily have the luxury of being able to ask the people of those times how much coffee they consumed throughout the day. But we do know, for a fact, that even three hundred years ago, it was still a go-to source for morning energy.

Fast-forward those three hundred years and it’s become incredibly difficult to drive around your local town plaza or city center and not see some sort of signature café. Americans are simply known for their incessant obsession with coffee, and the stereotype will continue to live-on for many, many years to come.

However that's not a negative thought. When we think about coffee places we also think about friends and catching up. The little somethings we whisper to each other that no-one else should know as well as the triumphs of our day that we just can't shut up about. 

Coffee as a Symbol of FeminineAmerican Culture (possibly)

    Now, if you’re a millennial from the States or even know a millennial in the States, chances are that you’ve heard of the phrase “white girl & Starbucks”. The idiom has rooted itself in popular American culture and language, and for a good reason.

It’s become a common and silly misconception amongst people of that generation in the States that American, white females just love their morning Starbucks. Some say that you simply don’t see millennial, white females without Starbucks coffee in the morning. 

You don’t see millennial, white females without Starbucks coffee as they trek to their morning college classes. You just don’t see millennial, white females without Starbucks coffee in just about every possible scenario you can think of.

The unfortunate reality however is that this saying is both wrong and incredibly insensitive towards women, full stop. The folks who think like that fail to appreciate the thousands of women out there, of every race or color, who make a successful living out of selling coffee, or making coffee, not to mention branding coffee, roasting coffee and just about every other coffee related job there is to do.

And unless you've lived under a rock for several year, this isn't new to you. Nor is the incredible successes by women up and down the country that should be celebrated. 

Meeting-up for Coffee?

Speaking of coffee houses the reason why we love congregating in these spaces have more to do with who we are and how we think of ourselves, than the atmosphere of the location. There’s nothing like walking into your local Starbucks and relishing in the beautiful scents that smack you in the face as soon as you open the door, or relishing in the classical, antique décor style every Starbucks location illustrates.

That however is an experience you can both get, and most certainly do, in every other coffee house in the country and one which is both crafted and carefully considered. We tend to shop with all our senses and when these shops provide a stimulus for our senses it makes us more likely to be receptive to their message.

Here's something you may have not considered though.

You can recreate that sensation and that feeling right in your own home or office. Certainly LoveMyCup HQ has a fresh pot of coffee brewing all the time and the familiarity and sense of belonging that bring is unlike anything else experienced anywhere. 

We love the sweet smell of brewing coffee, but not nearly as much as sharing it with the one's we love. We hope you'll feel the same way too!