Coffee as a Symbol of Patriotism

I some times can't help wondering, why don’t Americans drink tea nearly as much as they drink coffee? The volume of consumption of coffee by Americans is astronomically higher than that of tea. But why?

It all goes back to the Revolutionary War, the war of Independence for the American Colonies as we've explored in previous posts.

In the 18th Century, the United States wasn’t the United States, it was the British Colonies. Then, a handful of Bostonians decided it was a good idea to throw boxes of tea into the Boston Harbor to protest taxes. From that day forth, tea was doomed forever. At least in the States. As soon as the fire of revolution hit the States, anything and everything English was deemed as not only evil, but off-limits and as symbols of tyranny. 

For example, John Adams declared tea as a “traitor’s drink,” and started an unofficial boycott of tea in the States. The American people saw this as a unifying quality of the Colonies and vowed to only serve coffee in their households. 

From then on, it became viewed as a betrayal to the colonies if you were an American who drank tea. You can’t forget, the Colonies absolutely hated taxation without representation, and the tax on tea, the very same taxation that spurred the Boston Tea Party, inevitably labeled tea itself as a product of the Crown.

One other important detail is that Americans love tradition and (as we've all witnessed over these past few months) Americans certainly love politics. 

Coffee and the American Dream

    It’s no surprise that coffee sales contribute largely to the American economy. Millions upon millions of Americans consume coffee every single day; what better way to drive income than with a product that’s consistently consumed every day? This not only inspires the strategists and officials behind the U.S. government, but your ambitious, young American that craves the just rewards of her entrepreneurial spirit.

Believe it or not, it’s not difficult to start your own coffee business. We, here at LoveMyCup are perhaps the embodiment of that particular statement. We believe that competing with the national corporations that sell coffee around the States isn't a lost cause it's actually the fun part of embarking on a journey of entrepreneurship. . 

We figured that the first step to long term success, was to become “a student of the industry. Attending tradeshows and subscribing to just about every publication on coffee on the planet was our first step. Creating relationships with local suppliers here in Texas was the only step that mattered...

We started a coffee business not because coffee will always be in-demand We didn't think coffee is something most Americans will drink every morning therefore it must be "recession-proof". We started a coffee business because like you, the folks that drink our blends, we believe that coffee can, and very often does, bring us together.

University Coffee Blends

Coffee in the World of Education

    The educational world within the United States is one of the success factors,  when it comes to  the coffee industry in the U.S. College students everywhere are always flocking to whichever coffee chain and/or shop is trendy that semester. 

American college students need their morning, habitual dose of caffeine in order to do well in the highly stressful environment that college courses pose. As time goes on, it’s not so much the coffee itself that’s keeping the students awake and energized, it’s the act of drinking coffee that’s propelling American students into their futures as it does with the rest of us!

This may be an oversimplification, however the little secret behind that state of affairs is that we are conditioned to drink coffee from a young age and therefore carry that habit over to when we become more affluent and able to spend more money on complicated and more refined blends.

Coffee Blends in Texas

So, Why do we Love Coffee So Much?

You could argue that, perhaps, coffee is the choice for so many Americans because of habit, or fashion. There is a ton of evidence out there in the research world that supports the claim that coffee has more of a psychological factor on Americans than anything else. 

There is also evidence, however, that coffee is the drink of choice for so many of us exactly because we learn to socialise with it. 

Coffee is about sharing your thoughts and burdens and successes with the ones you love, and so is our company and blends. We setup our company to bring joy and togetherness to our community and you can be a part of that too! 

Try one of our blends below and please remember to share this post with your friends and loved ones too, after all sharing is most certainly caring. 

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