On this series we explore the most popular methods of creating coffee! We will be looking at how to prepare coffee and how coffee preparation evolved through the years!

Since we are in Texas we thought we would kick things off with the Americano!

The caffé Americano, or simply Americano, is the second most popular type of coffee in the world after the Italian espresso.

Nowadays, many people associate the Americano coffee with what is typically known as filter or “French” coffee. Others believe that the Americano is a "French" filter coffee kept hot in a special bottle, like the ones we often see in popular Hollywood movies and television series. But things are not that way at all.

The Americano coffee is actually the American version of the European one; i.e. the Italian espresso.One could say that espresso and Americano are like siblings. Espresso is the oldest and Americano is the youngest.

The base for the caffé Americano is espresso prepared in a way that makes the final product look like the the black filter coffee that is particularly popular in the US. Its name has in fact an Italian origin; the term “Caffè Americano” translates in Italian as “American coffee”.

In line with the most popular belief, the Americano coffee was first made in Italy taking the traditional Italian espresso, which was popular during WWII, as its pattern.

According to the legend revolving around its history, the American soldiers, who were in Italy during World War II, used to enjoy the traditional Italian espresso’s taste but found it hard to cope with its strong taste and overall effect on their bodies. To solve these problems, they used to add in it some hot water in order to dilute it but also to make it last longer. Traditionally, the espresso coffee is served in a much smaller cup than the regular mug most Americans use to drink their coffee in. Thus, by adding hot water in a traditional esresso served in a larger mug, American soldiers created a drink that resembled the one they used to have in their home-country, while also preserving the delicate aroma and flavor of espresso. This is how the Americano coffee was born and soon became popular both in Europe and America.

This concludes our story on the Americano! We'll be looking at various other types including the mighty Ristretto as well as the delectable Cappuccino which is coming next.

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