What we do

It would be remiss to talk about coffee in the workplace without really talking about our workplace too!

LoveMyCup is all about hard work, it's all about delicious mouth watering coffee and all about community. Our work involves thinking about coffee as more than a beverage and more as a come together experience that is worth savoring again and again.

We drink a fair amount of coffee each day. In other words we find the time to talk to each other, to share moments with our friends or simply the comfort of a properly brewed cup. It's the fuel that drives us to drive this company and work as hard as possible to make our blends a reality.

Love My Cup is all about local too!

We are working with local providers almost exclusively to make our products a reality! This means real folks here in Texas, really! When Michael and I came up with the idea of putting our favorite drink on the market we were both very keen on the idea of using this business for more than just making profit. We wanted to make sure that our work benefited our community and in more ways than just taste! 

So, aside from dreaming up what the next flavor of coffee should be, putting pressure on our roaster to make sure that they do an exquisitely fine job to bring our blends to reality, sorting out our distribution processes, ensuring our bags look and feel absolutely spot on, making sure that our packaging is sublimely designed and last but not least dealing with our rather elusive web designer (who is a bit of a prima donna) to make this site work properly we are also putting together plans about how our coffee can help enhance our community right here in Texas. But first thing is first...

Where we are

Our family here in Texas and our community has been growing steadily over the past few months when we made our announcement that we have entered the coffee selling business. We have been incredibly grateful to see all the messages of love from so many of you, it is in fact humbling. But it goes further than that. We have had talks and offers of one sort or another from just about every part of the world, and it's not just people trying to sell us stuff! We have spoken just about every subject you can imagine with people who are willing to both help us spread our products and the word, as the case may be. 

Our lovely little community is growing nicely on Instagram where we share daily some of the best and most interesting stories from around the world of the internet, and if you think it's all about coffee think again...Interesting is the new interesting! Have a browse on the latest here and come join us, we'd love to see your shares too!

Over on Facebook we have, unveiled our product survey this month and will be drawing the winner who'll soon receive a coffee bag! We also have some very interesting offers in store for our Facebook friends and we hope that you guys will help us with your likes and share in weeks to come! The more you you guys contribute the more we are able to lift our offer and make our products more accessible to you. 

Why Friday is always a good day

Fridays are good not just because the weekend is right around the corner! Fridays are good because the best news always comes on a Friday, and today is no exception!

Our big announcement this week is that our bags and beans have finally met each other for the first time! 

Our roaster Coffee City USA, who are based locally right here in Texas, are in the process of making our products a reality and we'll feature that process in the coming weeks on this blog and on our social media! If you haven't done so already please take the time to subscribe to our newsletter below for more info.

When all is said and done...

We are much more than coffee retailers though! We dream big, and not just because we live in Texas, we dream big because it's the only thing that makes sense in world full of nay sayers and people who think that looking after number 1 is a full time profession. 

We hope you will have a lovely day ahead and we hope to see you soon on social, or for a cup of coffee (sugar optional, #love non-negotiable)