What motivates

Thursdays are difficult for most of us... Not quite the weekend but not quite midweek either. A weird sense of longing to escape somewhere should have just about set in for most folks at work this morning! If you caught this article first thing in the morning, just give it time. 

We previously looked at the culture of drinking coffee in the workplace and we drew up a couple of lists about the do's and don'ts of drinking coffee in and out of the workplace (depending on where or what you call your office). We continue this thread of drinking coffee at work by looking at some of the side benefits of consuming our favorite beverage, with or without the bosses approval...

The trick to productivity

Is probably a good cup of coffee! Don't get me wrong. I'm not just saying that because we sell the stuff here at Love My Cup. What a good cup of coffee gives you in the workplace is more than a caffeine kick. Drinking coffee at work is not an act of defiance, it's our normal routine probably day in and day out. Have you ever taken a couple of minutes to think what it all means though? Sit back, relax, make sure your cups aroma is tantalising your nostrils as we speak and let's take the benefits in turn...


A lot has been said and a lot can be said about the benefits of coffee on the human body. We touched on this on a previous post and will do a more comprehensive series of the health benefits of coffee in future. However, and without complicating things too much, the benefits of coffee to your body are pretty easy to understand. All you have to do is a drink a cup o' joe! Feeling alert? Feeling satisfied and ready to take on a challenge? Feeling awake and fired up? That's probably the caffeine doing it's "personal motivation coach" impersonation by stimulating your brain. The benefits you don't see are also multi faceted. As our friends in the Harvard School of Public Health say, "coffee is a complex beverage" and as it turns out it helps us stave off Alzheimers, diabetes and cardiovascular disease too.  These benefits helps us live longer and be more productive on a day to day basis, therefore the physical effects of coffee should be welcome in every workplace that needs happy, healthy alert people as part of its workforce. It's only logical, no?

The benefits of coffee are wide-ranging—from protecting against type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease to lowering rates of depression among women.


As anyone who's ever been to a break room at any point in their working life will attest, undoubtedly, one of the most enjoyable parts of our working day is the interactions we have with colleagues during break time! The benefits of putting our work pressures and stresses behind us for ten minutes to share a cup of delicious, hot steaming coffee (cream or sugar optional) are immeasurable. As it turns out we all aspire and benefit from human interaction in the workplace. It helps us feel more valued, it helps us understand our colleagues and therefore "gel" with them much more closely. More than anything else coffee breaks in the lunch room/corridor/coffee pot cupboard (yes there is such a thing as a coffee pot cupboard...) help us be more human in the workplace, pure and simple. If you have, or you are, a middle manager (it's usually middle managers) who confused the figure of the bottom line, say of hours worked, with the essence of productivity, then I feel for you, in both instances. This is because the best managers our there realize that when you treat your people like the adults they are and especially when you understand that humans work for humans, rather than for Excel formulas, that's when you are in a position to get the most out of your people. In other words, if your expect the best out of your people you should really consider the power of a cup o joe here and there, after all the best human interactions up and down the country happen usually after we decide to interact with one another and what better way to do that, than share our favorite drink?!


Probably the most important aspect of drinking coffee at work is freedom. Now, the eagle eyed amongst you will wonder, how does a humble cup o'joe give you freedom? Well think of it this way. The very act of defying your boss and grabbing another one, to have on your desk no less, is about the right amount of "civil disobedience" at work that does nobody any harm at all! Apart from the caffeine kick you get, the very act of stepping away from your work for the minute or 5 it takes to refill your cup with a hot stream of earthy loveliness, gives you just the right amount of relief from the stress and pressure of whatever it is that you do. This gives the brain a "power break" and not unlike what happens when we fall asleep, it give you the chance to reflect in the subconscious exactly because you are not focusing on the task at hand or the big challenge that is stressing you out. Having a chance to reboot can free up the creative part of your brain and make you synthesize information differently, thus helping you approach a problem from a fresh perspective...

Not bad for a humble cup of coffee is it?

Thanks for reading folks and we hope you'll join us on our blog tomorrow morning for the next of the series about drinking coffee in the workplace!