...of Sharing in the workplace

So far in this series about Coffee in the Workplace we have looked at the modern office and some of the do's and don'ts of sharing our favorite drink in the workplace!

In this entry though we pay homage to our friends working in less seated environments and explore the etiquette behind sharing coffee if you're not a traditional nine to fiver.

The Alternative Office

It is true that our economy is made up of countless professions. Although culturally a lot of us aspire to a nine to five job in a high rise tower downtown, preferably made of glass and steel with plush interiors and ample water cooling equipment in evidence, the reality is that we owe most of our lives to those worker bees that spend their working lives in less than hospitable environments. 

Of course, I am talking about the plumbers, the lumberjacks, the train drivers, the van drivers, the cops, the doctors and nurses, the firefighters, the soldiers and the occasional cowboy. These guys and gals are just a tiny part of the endless list of professionals that make America great, they are the backbone of our communities. 

They tend to drink their cups of joe at odd times of the day, and night, more often than not in a hurry or in a vehicle of some sort or other. Generally speaking since most non desk bound professions often come with a fair degree of physical effort, it is not unheard of that a lot of our friends out there enjoy their cup strong and generally sweetened (although I'm stereotyping a bit here I do have a very specific plumbing and sanitation professional in mind who takes no less than 4 sugars with every cup, you know who you are Jeff...)

The quick list

So in the struggle for workplace etiquette and since non desk bound people work just as hard as the rest of us, here's a quick fire list of do's and do not's (as promised) of coffee sharing etiquette in the non desk office environment

  1. Do not use a colleagues mug/flask! We all like to share but when it comes to coffee my personal boundaries are well and truly established.
  2. If you're bringing them in, get the barista to clearly mark which cup is which. Nothing worse than looking forward to your skinny mocha frapuccino and getting a triple shot of jet fuel instead.. 
  3. Never, EVER, leave the coffee in circumstances where it can be spilled (this includes not securing lids properly). If you've ever done a job that takes you away from coffee houses, or civilization in general, you will appreciate that the last thing in the world you want is to double back or have to wait another 35 miles of motorway with an inflamed lap, because rookie face over there forgot to tighten the travel mug lid...
  4. If you're bringing coffee from home, please make sure it's the good stuff! I know half the world actually prefers the instant stuff but if you're stuck for a retailer of repute give us a shout at Love My Cup, you'll be pleasantly surprised what a good cup o joe can do to your day...
  5. Lastly, never leave the house, foremans portacabin, diner or whatever other place you've just procured your coffee from without some form of stirring apparatus. Seriously NEVER do that. A stirring stick, toothpick, fork, biro or whatever else is handy and semi clean will do, since probably the easiest way to spoil anyones coffee drinking experience is dunking ones pinky in to stir the stuff...

So there you go, another quick list of things that will help your coffee drinking experience at work, especially if you're not a nine to five office driver. Got ideas/pet hates of your own that drive you up the wall? Share them by commenting below!