21st Century Office Coffee

As the office army marches through the 21st century the ritual of the coffee break has now become part of modern etiquette. Having a caffeine habit can be a costly affair if you rely on takeout coffee. Having the smallest cup of takeout coffee from that well-known Seattle brand 5 days a week can cost upwards of $450 a year before tax and tips. It’s absolutely worthwhile then looking at investing in good quality coffee to brew in the office. Here are our five top tips for ensuring that your coffee break remains as its inception a boost to morale and productivity rather than something to raise your blood pressure;

5 Basic Rules

  1. Coffee for the office does not happen by magic, first in the office makes the coffee.  
  2. Never leave the pot empty. Only the coldest of hearts drinks the last of the coffee and doesn’t put a fresh brew on.
  3. If there are two pots – one for office manna the other for decaffeinated - make sure you don’t mix these up. For those of us who need rocket fuel   Voldercoffee is the behemoth of all evil.
  4. If you make a mess clean it up, no one wants to see sugar sprinkled like snowflakes or sticky coffee rings of doom strewn around the office canteen.
  5. Above all knowing how to make a decent cup of coffee equals instant elevation to office hero.


An increasingly popular option in warm weather is cold brew coffee. Whereas iced coffee can be a diluted drink, with cold brew you control the concentration. Simply stir your coarsely ground coffee grinds with cold water and leave for 12 hours.(a rough guide would be to start with ¾ cup of beans to 4 cups of water)  Strain the grinds, twice if necessary. Discard the grounds. Ta dah! A smooth and mellow brew to take with you to the office.

As you move through the day you may need to caffeinate like a cowboy with the strongest pot you can brew to survive a meeting with Dave from accounting, or brew up a pot of morning sunshine to catch up with the latest office hot gossip. Either way, Love my cup has the perfect brew to get you through your day.

Loving life. Love my cup, #whatsinyourcup?