The coffee tree

The family of the Rubiaceae plant includes 4500 varieties, of which 60 belong to coffee. Of these 60 varieties, two are the main ones that support the global coffee production and trading: the Coffea Arabica and the Coffea Canephora (or robusta). On our previous post we looked at some of the characteristics of the Robusta variety and today we are looking at the Arabica family.


These two species have key differences that distinguish one from another, with the biggest one being related to their taste. The Robusta coffee is characterized by an intensely bitter aftertaste and earthy aromas similar to those of wet soil and timber. The Arabica coffee, on the other hand, is mostly known for its acidic, milder and fruit flavors. This is largely due to the double quantity of caffeine present in Robusta (almost 3% compared to 1.5% that is present in Arabica). The Robusta grains are smaller, yellowish and more round, while the Arabica grains are larger in size, greenish, and oval. All this means that Robusta is mainly easier to produce and as such is much easier sought and available bean than it's more exclusive cousin the Arabica!


The tree characteristics

The Arabica variety constitutes the oldest species of the coffee plant. It is believed that it originated from Ethiopia but, as indicated by its name, it was first cultivated in the Arabian Peninsula. It is best cultivated in sites of an altitude between 4000 and 6000 feet above sea level. It requires specific soil conditions in order to thrive and a moderate balance between heat and humidity. Arabica varieties takes six to nine months to mature and their roots can extend to a distance measures in kilometres rather than metres. The trees are susceptible to weather conditions, frosts and droughts and their fruits fall off to the ground when ripe. Therefore, it is essential for them to be immediately gathered as soon as they mature. They require careful cultivation and produce only 1 to 1.5 pounds of fruit annually. This also explains the variety’s particularly expensive price. The beans’ quality is high and produces a delicious and aromatic coffee. The final product has a soft, fruity taste with an acidity that pleasantly ‘tickles’ the tongue creating a long aftertaste. The Arabica fruits represent around 75% of the overall coffee fruits grown worldwide and they are nowadays mainly produced in Central and South countries. Many light brown (mild coffees) are made from high-quality Arabica beans.

Our Coffee

At Love My Cup we used Arabica beans as our bean of choice to produce our wonderful, flavorsome blends! Both our blends, Morning Sunshine and Strong Handshake contain 100%, ethically sourced Arabica beans that produce a smooth and distinctive cup.

We partnered with our roasters, who are based right here in Texas, and have used their expertise to finish the beans to an extremely high standard for your drinking pleasure

Morning Sunshine

Morning Sunshine is a more aromatic and smoother affair that will make you fall in love, all over again, with getting together with friends and family for cup or two! Also a 100% pure Arabica blend, this bag contains a smoother and slightly sweeter experience to tantalise your taste buds. Morning Sunshine is more of an all occasion blend that is suited to your morning cup when you need a bit less caffeine to go through the system and a more easy going experience to savour with friends!

Strong Handshake

Is a more caffeinated pure Arabica blend that packs a real strong punch with every cup. Strong Handshake is perfect for a morning blend or for those all nighters at work when you need an extra little something to get you going. The techniques used to hand craft this amazing blend make it a beautifully distinctive blend that is worth revisiting time and again.

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks look into the worlds most popular coffee varieties, we would love for you to join us again in the next series for a look into what makes coffee America's favorite drink! 

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