Questions, questions...

So, another question we could ask ourselves in discovering why it is that Americans love coffee so much might be, "is coffee our primary source of motivation?" Are Americans motivated to wake-up earlier just so they can get their coffee sooner? Does coffee itself motivate Americans once it’s consumed? Is it indeed coffee that drives the entrepreneurial American Spirit?

We've looked on our previous posts at some of the history and connections behind American Entrepreneurship and Coffee and about how the American spirit has utilised endorsement and the power of advertising to influence decisions and to promote coffee. We discussed American Presidents and American pioneers and their love of coffee but I don't think it's reasonable to say that all you have to do to motivate yourself to go to work in the morning is drink a cup o’ Joe and call it a morning. The connection between the motivation we feel by drinking a cup of our favorite beverage, and surely the same motivation the strong and powerful of this and many other countries have felt during the centuries, derives from much more deep seated psychological factors.


This motivation goes back to the idea of coffee itself being a brand of the American people. From West Coast hipsters  to East Coast sun worshipers, to the farmers of the Mid West and all the way out here in Texas, most Americans simply can't start their day without coffee in the morning. Why? Simple: the ensuing work day seems like hell incarnate simply by imagining of how tired we'll be. Or at least, that’s what we all think.

The act of drinking coffee in-and-of-itself won’t motivate you to do anything. It won’t inspire you to go above-and-beyond for your boss. It won’t give you the next best idea for the latest bestselling novel or even make the next big sale a breeze. However, once that act of drinking coffee in the morning becomes a habit, you begin to associate that habit with the things that happen afterwards. 

Psychologically speaking

For instance, after drinking a cup of coffee you may feel satisfied and secure, you may find yourself more alert while driving. You may find yourself walking into work feeling optimistic, happy, and energetic. You just might find yourself mustering the courage to talk to that special someone you’ve had a crush on for so long. Eventually, throughout this habitual coffee consumption, the physical effects of coffee wear-off as your body builds immunity to the effects of caffeine. But that’s your body, not your mind. 

Why does this happen?

Even though you may no longer be feeling energetic and motivated because of the physical effects of caffeine after a certain period of time, you’ll feel energetic and motivated solely because of the fact alone that you drank a cup of coffee. In other words it is the act of drinking coffee that informs our reactions and feelings rather than the caffeine content itself!

If and whenever you fail to feed this habit, your mind takes a hit, and you think your day will be that much more difficult because you missed-out on your coffee when, in fact, that’s not true at all. Just like any other pleasurable activity in life when we stop getting what we want we tend to feel pretty miserable. But don't despair... 

Around the corner

Just around the corner in about every street anywhere in America there is another coffee outlet/diner/coffee van to feed your daily coffee crave! Love My Cup is one such retailer and our blends are all about making coffee at home or in the office that are incredibly pleasurable because we understand that the very reason why coffee brands the American people is the art of enjoying coffee with your friends, with your loved ones or at times just with your self! 

So go on, treat yourself to a cup of joe, let the worries of the day wash away and who knows, maybe that little act will give you the inspiration to achieve something awesome today!