The art of sharing coffee

Every time we drink a cup coffee as we wake up or share moments with our loved ones, we know that today coffee is more than just another beverage; there is an entire culture revolving around the product, which has influenced and has been influenced by numerous historical and cultural events. The consumption of coffee has acquired a symbolic value as part of our daily social activities.Every part of the world has its own separate blends and rituals of drinking coffee, but also its own historical events which are, in one way or another, connected or directly affected by coffee and its consumption.

The power of endorsement

We have so far described how the story of coffee here in America has been an inextricable part of our history and how the humble cup of joe has delighted generations of people from pioneers of the Old West to American Presidents. 

In fact (and since we are in an election year) the consumption of coffee by U.S. Presidents has been one of the many many reasons why the drink has been so popular in American culture. 

From George Washington to Barrack Obama the visual and verbal references to coffee have been with us in just about every Presidential term that ever was. Thomas Jefferson dubbed coffee "the favorite beverage of the civilised world", while John F Kennedy famously "didn't pick up the tab, if you had a cup of coffee with him" and George w. Bush would make a cup of coffee for his wife every morning, although by the time he left the White House, according to Laura Bush confiding to Oprah, he had forgotten how. In fact so ingrained are the images of coffee with the history of the Office of President that to this day you can find countless images of past and present Presidents sipping coffee or even making coffee, including the rather humorous one of Jerry Seinfeld knocking on the window of the White House while Barrack Obama is pouring over papers with a cup of joe by his side (that we cannot show you here, since the Office of the President of the United States does not endorse this blog but which you can very easily find by googling the words president and coffee)

Advertising its way into your heart

The reality of it is that the endorsement of coffee as the go-to drink by the people in the highest office in the land is an incredibly powerful one and shows nonetheless that coffee is both acceptable and desirable as a drink of choice. Thinking about those representations it is easy to understand that coffee has taken a primacy of place in our culture both important enough to have Presidents endorse it (even unwittingly) but also because of the fact they are endorsing it. 

A quick look back into the history of advertising coffee shows that the image of the President has even been used as an advertising tool itself, in order to sell more of the stuff. Advertising coffee has been a grand old affair that has occupied countless people in America and the globe and billions of advertising dollars over the years. In fact advertising coffee "officially" began in the 16th century and has since taken countless forms, from billboards to printed ads in newspapers, to academic studies on the merits of drinking coffee. 

All this exposure to the positive facts of how our consumption of coffee increases our veracity, our productivity, our mood and even our social status has solidified the drinking of coffee as a cultural norm.

Today's coffee retailers and coffee house chains are becoming increasingly savvy in the way with which they advertise their products. According to  Business Insider coffee is a 100 billion dollar business and the worlds second most sought after commodity after crude oil! It comes as no surprise then that one of our most famous West Coast coffee companies (the one with the 16th century Norse Siren in it's logo) in 2015 has spent 351 million US Dollars worldwide in advertising activities alone.

What it actually means

Reaching the end of this article, we come to perhaps the most important point of the assertion that coffee is in-fact a cultural symbol of our times more so than a commodity and even more so here in America. Coffee is the beverage of choice not only because of its sublime taste and tonic properties but also because we have managed to convince one another that drinking coffee is both immensely cool and incredibly desirable as an activity. 

Our Love My Cup brand is a true believer of the idea that coffee is much much more than a symbol of power or social status however. We started our company with people in mind which means we began our journey by thinking of what brings us together and coffee is as much of a natural answer to that question as any! We also happen to love the stuff which was a brilliant bit of serendipity and which led to our company being formed. What it actually means, is that regardless of how others use coffee to either endorse or promote their agendas, Love My Cup is really all about how drinking our favorite beverage brings us together, and we hope you'll join us for a cup soon!

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