Whats good coffee all about?

Here at LoveMyCup we're just in love with good coffee! We love the taste and feel of a strong cup shared with good friends and we're passionate about bringing you that experience too. Good coffee is about more than just taste though...

Good coffee is about the stories shared and the secret told between people who come together over that simplest of gestures, sharing a morning cup. 

How coffee began...


The smell of coffee is loaded with memories and myths, its distinctive taste and rejuvenating properties have rendered it the most famous drink on the planet. The genus Coffea was discovered in the Middle East, close to the Eritrean Sea, from where it reached Europe in the midst of adventures and wars.

The term coffee stems from the word Qahwa, which was the Arabic equivalent to the English word for wine. Since alcohol was prohibited by Islam, coffee was used as its substitute and took its name. This is the reason why it was first known in Europe as some kind of Arabic wine amongst the gentry of the time who could afford it.

The term coffee stems from the word Qahwa, which was the Arabic equivalent to the English word for wine.

Another version of the history of the coffee indicates that its name derives from the kingdom of Kaffa, a nomadic state located in what is now known as Ethiopia. The word passed through various stages, with each country adopting its own pronunciation, until countless revisions, amendments and topical idiosyncrasies gave birth to the word we all know and instantly recognise around the world today. 

 Close up of a coffee plant leaf

Close up of a coffee plant leaf

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