We're proud to announce the birth of our site today and with that the birth of our blog. 

In these pages we will publish news and updates about our products as well as some more detailed information about where our coffees come from.

We have been blessed to have great friends and family around us that have supported our ideas all the way. Our company is still young and we have great plans for the future. 

Love My Cup will soon be in a position to retail our coffee straight through this site and eventually on our trucks in Dallas. Just now we are finalizing our product packaging and sorting out our distribution and retail mechanisms. This simply means we are dotting the i's and crossing the t's before we can consistently offer you some really delicious freshly ground coffee!

We have great plans for the future, including giving part of our profits to charity to help support coffee growers in Central and South America as well as being in a position to ship our coffees right across the U.S. automatically to subscribing customers.

All of that is still in development however. At the moment we are concentrating on making sure our coffees look and taste as delicious as you deserve. 

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