By day, we work on other careers. I am a teacher and Michael is a real-estate appraiser. We spend our evenings and weekends working on Love My Cup. A few weeks ago, Michael and I were buying some candy, chips and sodas that my coworker and I, along with a few kids, would sell at my school. Every year the fifth graders at my school get the most amazing opportunity to spend a weekend at a camp. This is a pretty expensive endeavor and could cause unnecessary stress at home. We buy things to sell and the money goes towards the kids tickets to camp.

Anyway, we had just bought some things to sell and we were unloading it at the school. It was a pretty warm Sunday afternoon and the school turns off the A/C on the weekends. We were lugging stuff out of the car, down the hall and down the next hall all the way to the end where my classroom sits. Michael sends me to make my copies to prepare for Monday's lesson as he finishes unloading the car. As he walks away, I hear him exclaim; "We got our first order!"

He quickly walked back towards me and hugged me! We were so incredibly excited to have sold some coffee. We both have said multiple times that we have delicious coffee and we just need to get it into peoples hands and mouths. It was finally getting into someone's hands! We finished what we had to do and left the school with some of the biggest smiles on our faces. We couldn't wait to get it sent out and hear what our first customer thought! Are you curious what was said? Well, check it out!

The #1 reason I bought your coffee is that it’s organic. I finally found an organic my husband likes...and Strong Handshake sounds like his kind of coffee lol. So I’m hoping he will like it and I can switch. I like to support American companies and to top it off, you’re in Texas...” “#StrongHandShake passed the muster!!! Mikey Likes it. @lovemycup
— Deanna

You know what else is crazy, we received our second order while Michael was helping up at the school too! So, watch out, we might be moving in! By the way, you're here now, so buy some coffee!!! (Then I can write what you think on here too! ;-)