We had the conversation a few months back about all the negativity in the world and what we, only 2 small people, could do to make it a better place. We talked about people’s needs and what we can do to help. We asked ourselves and each other hard questions that we don’t really have an answer to. How can we do something to show people that we love them? What can we do in our community that would encompass it in love?

We have to start small. We want to share with you something that we are passionate about and something that we love. What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? If you love coffee as much as we do, it’s start the coffee maker, or maybe you have your coffee maker preset to start at a certain time. Our coffee is what helps us wake up and it most certainly helps us start our day off with a smile! Since we share this joyous habit with so many people in the world, we should try to make the start of their day even better. So when you buy some of our coffee and you brew it in the morning or evening or afternoon, remember that we send positivity and happy vibes into your cup. Only think of the good positive things that you have going for you in your life.

This is where #WHATSINYOURCUP comes in to play. Sometimes, I forget how awesome I really am. We all have some very amazing talents and gifts that we carry around with us every day. Some of them shine at work or home. Some of them have been hidden that people may not know about yet. I have so many things in my cup that people don’t know about. I play the guitar and sing, I am an extremely strong woman, and I have a passion for children. Some of the gifts and talents I have and many people see every day is patience, teaching, intelligence, love, kindness, and creativity. Michael carries around love, kindness, strength, patience, intelligence, confidence, and courage. We all have a cup filled with coffee, but also attributes that deserve to be recognized. See it in your cup and send it out in social media. I am starting right now! #WHATSINYOURCUP integrity and empowerment!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to buy some coffee to drink while you discover your amazingness! :-)