We started this brand while on vacation one weekend. We were making a long drive through Arkansas and talking about our dreams with each other. Michael shared with me his dream of owning a coffee company that was only open a few hours a day. Something that mom and pop could operate after they retire to help make a little extra money on top of Social Security, but doesn’t require them working tons of hours. I shared with him my dream of owning a terminally ill children’s ranch. Where children and their families, that have been hospitalized can come and live in their own tiny house for free. They will still receive the same medical attention, but have as much freedom as possible as healthy children have.

Michael’s dream and goals in life opened up opportunity for my dreams and goals. We started this coffee brand with dreams in mind and passion to meet needs within our community, eventually spreading outside of our community. We have several things in common with our life goals, we both want to help others and we both want to spread goodness and positivity everywhere! Creating the Love My Cup brand has given us the opportunity to spread our hearts across the country.


So, we broke the ground on the coffee company. It took months to get here! There was planning, creating the name of the company, deciding what exactly we would sell, where we get our product from and the importance of Fairtrade and organic to us and our potential customers. We had to find out how much it would cost, how to design a logo for our brand, bags for our coffee, and don’t forget the website! Luckily we found our amazing website designer at Coffeecupsink.com. Six months later, we have everything together and we are getting ready to go live! Of course, we had some hang ups along the way that we had to overcome, but we finally made it to the launch of Love My Cup! So here you are reading this blog about Michael and I, so why not go ahead and buy some! Sign up for our newsletter too!