We officially in the countdown to the grand opening of our store folks and are currently taking pre-orders! Yes, the wait is nearly over. 

In the past few weeks we have reported that we have managed to sort out the distribution and final details of our beans, bags and eventually shipping boxes and we are now putting the finishing touches together to bring you the best possible coffee right on your doorstep!

One of the things we have been particularly proud of and we can't stress enough to all those of you who have kindly asked us questions about our blends, is the local nature of our products. Unlike other businesses we were certain from the very beginning that the direction we were going to take LoveMyCup towards would be in creating a robust community of people who are part of our community and who, like our customers, understand exactly what it's like to live and work and love right here in Texas. You will have read in previous posts about the brilliant collaboration we started with a local roasting house, Coffee City USA, who supply us with ethically sourced expertly roasted beans and help us package our products. 

This decision was very much deliberate. We were never aiming for an industrial type product that tastes bland and has no character. Instead our collaboration means that we can offer you some amazing tastes that are produced within our state's economy and who help our people right here grow and prosper. 

With pre-orders of our coffee now underway we've had some other big decisions to make. It became apparent from talking to all of you that, it is important to you to be able to buy both ground and whole beans. Well, we have listened! That's why our blends are now available in both varieties for your convenience. We are still producing bags at one standard size however we are still keen to hear from you about what sizes are most convenient and what your preference would be. 

Although we invited people to take part in a small survey, not so long ago, we are more than happy to have feedback! So please use the link below to drop us a line anytime! We love responding to folk and have found that all of you have been wonderfully encouraging so far, hence thank you!

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Lastly we want to mention that we have plans to increase our blend roster and offer not just different sizes, but also different flavors and types of coffee in the future. We are a little ways away yet with that though and will keep you posted on updates.

Meantime we hope you are enjoying our blog and have already put your pre-orders in, which will be full-filled as soon as possible and before mid October! Stay in touch, or come across and say hi on our social feeds! #whatsinyourcup?